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    Coca cola- 1.25 Liter

    ₹ 55.00
    Coca-Cola is the most popular and highest-selling soft drink in history, as well as the best-known product in the world. Coca-cola has a truly remarkable heritage. From a humble beginning in 1886, it's now the flagship brand of the largest manufacturer, marketer and distributor of non alcoholic beverages in the world. In India, Coca-Cola was the leading soft-drink till 1977 when the government policies necessitated its departure. Coca-Cola made its return to the country in 1993 and made significant investments to ensure that the beverage is available to more and more people, even in the remote and inaccessible parts of the nation.

    Kinley Club Soda - 1.25 liter Bottle

    ₹ 35.00
    Kinley soda is launched in 2002 and today is no.1 national Soda brand.

    Mountain Dew - 1 Liter

    ₹ 55.00
    ‘DARR KE AAGE JEET HAI’ The main formula of Mountain Dew was invented in Virginia. The drink was named and first marketed in Johnson City, Tennessee and Knoxville, Tennessee in 1948. In India, Mountain Dew set the soft drink category ablaze in 2003 with its iconic launch campaign ‘Cheetah Bhi Peeta Hai’.

    Maaza - 1.2 Liter

    ₹ 70.00
    Maaza"Har Mausam Aam" Maaza – the wholesome family fun Mango. Imagine this delicious fruit, bottled. This is what Maaza is all about. Maaza- the most loved beverage brand in India. It provides the most authentic experience of rich, juicy mangoes—anytime, anywhere! Introduced in 1970s, Maaza has today come to symbolize the very spirit of mangoes. Universally loved for its taste, color, thickness and wholesome properties, Maaza is the mango lover's first choice.

    Sprite - 1.5 Liter

    ₹ 70.00
    Sprite, the country's largest selling soft drink brand in the clear lime segment. Since its inception is 1999, Sprite has not only established itself as a brand which successfully boasts it's 'cut-thru' perspective with an authentic, edgy, irreverent, urban and straight forward style, but has also achieved status of an undisputed youth 'badge' brand. Today Sprite is the most preferred and fastest growing soft drink in India and has become the second largest soft drink in 2009, aiming for the No.1 spot.

    Fanta - 1.25 Liter

    ₹ 55.00
    Fanta the 'orange' drink Over the years Fanta has occupied a strong market place and is identified as the "The Fun Catalyst". Fanta entered the Indian market in the year 1993. Perceived as a fun youth brand, Fanta stands for its vibrant color, tempting taste and tingling bubbles that not just uplifts feelings but also helps free spirit thus encouraging one to indulge in the moment.